Knowing which product to sell and when is critical to e-commerce business success. Undeniably, compared to running a physical store, an e-commerce platform gives you added benefits that are impossible to overlook. You not only overcome geographical limitations (the entire world is your playground), but also use things like search engine visibility to your advantage. You no longer have to wait for a passer-by to enter your store. You now have extra sources of traffic that can be the tipping point for your e-commerce business. That aside, e-commerce allows you to lower your costs via functions like automation of checkout and other operational processes. Plus, you can use the customer information provided to you and communicate relevant messages to boost your sales and build brand loyalty. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Running an e-commerce platform that connects mega-trending products and services with the right audience is key to business growth. Our team of dedicated market analysts reads consumers’ behaviors and then tracks down trending items to match their likes and preferences. TradeCoup hand-picks items and commodities that are becoming mainstream and brings them to you at affordable prices, turning you into a leader in your industry.