Hunting the trends

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Being ahead of time is key to make a profit and stay abreast of the competition. How TradeCoup helps you stand out from the pack? We have a specially trained team of trend hunters, comprised by markets experts and market analysts, who track down the most pioneering products that are expected to make headlines in the coming future and bring them to you straight from manufacturers in Asia and the rest of the world via our ecommerce platform at affordable prices. That way, we give you the chance to be among the very first to have a product that will soon make skyrocket sales. But, besides B2C operations, TradeCoup also caters to the needs of the forward-thinking brand that wants to provide products expected to become the next big trend. Always in collaboration with Amazon and other marketplaces, we use Amazon’s warehouses and our professional e-commerce store staff to provide stellar B2B services to the discerning business owner whose focus is on grabbing the latest sales trends before they even become widespread.