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In the following years Procurement will look very different from what it does today. This radical and rapid change is transforming how organizations source and procure the various goods and services they need to operate.

Procurement helps optimize spending power across numerous products and services such as real estate – including workplace services – travel, meetings and events, brand, marketing and communications, technology sourcing and external content.

We are committed to maintain a diversified supplier base and building relationships with suppliers that reflect the market. We are dedicated to facilitating our clients achieve best results through the provision of our project management, cost management, operational effectiveness, and negotiation services.

Therefore, we are looking for suppliers who are innovative and can meet tomorrow’ s shifting challenges and opportunities.

At Sourcing a client’s needs are recorded and sources for finding any product are sought, complying with the specifications, economies of scale and deadlines set.

At Procurement we are willing to visit the manufacturing plant to check whether the product adheres to the specifications set, to send a sample to the client, to negotiate the price and cost of transfer, to follow the production timeline, shipping and delivery dates, and to see to the completion of the order, always in the best interest of the business.

Our Sourcing & Procurement Projects

We provide you plastic, pla, paper and reusable drinking straws manufactured in Europe or China.

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