global digital business

Time and information have become extremely fast and both of them are a key factor for the success of a business. Being ahead of time and information are also the key to making a profit and staying abreast of the competition. So the only way to catch it up is by e-business. How does TradeCoup help you stand out from the pack?                                                                   We have a specially trained team, dedicated partners and a variety of business connections in order to achieve the best result in the fastest possible time.


Knowing which product to sell and when is critical to e-commerce business success. Undeniably, compared to running a physical store, an e-commerce platform gives you added benefits that are impossible to overlook.

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The target of Business Analytics is to fully understand what went wrong in the previous business decision and what kind of changes  should be made so that the project will be on track again.

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Being ahead of time is key to making a profit and staying abreast of the competition. How does TradeCoup help you stand out from the pack? We have a specially trained team of trend hunters, who track down the most pioneering products that are expected to make headlines in the coming future and bring them straight to you.

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Seal the Deal

At TradeCoup, we never forget our business values. Honoring our deal with you is part of these values.  And, while we are particularly fond of the traditional way of closing a deal with a firm handshake, we also live in the present, in a technology-driven world, which is on the verge of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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The Services


We maximize your profits by sourcing & procurement numerous products and services across the Globe.

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A B2B connection for the needs of the companies in a transparent and trustful way.

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A consult, supervision and report of your project with a business and privacy orientation.

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The Projects


We provide Solar, Wind, Hydro Energy projects in Greece & Cyprus to foreign investors.

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We provide international movie projects for financing with OSCAR nominated  participants.

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A combination of a product and a service creates a strong bond between a company and its clients.

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The Products

Dizfender Disaster Kit

A portable emergency kit which is mandatory for any space you live in case of a disaster.

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Zero Mass Water

A Hydropanel that gives you the power to create safe, delicious water from just sunlight and air.

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We provide you plastic, pla, paper and reusable drinking straws manufactured in Europe or China.

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